Are dead end links to job posts really dead?


We post jobs frequently on this site, and a variety of other Physician Recruitment specific posting sites. These job posts are often collected by other non specific physician recruitment sites for which we have no control, and reposted with their own "APPLY" button. We often find that clicking those buttons lead to a dead end [...]

Are dead end links to job posts really dead?2018-12-20T14:53:07+00:00

Good idea to include your phone number when making a job inquiry.


Sometimes candidates send an inquiry to a recruiter without sending a cv, or including their phone number. We understand your wanting to be guarded up front, but if you want more information beyond the job posting, it is best done by a phone conversation. That way, you can get more info about the job, but [...]

Good idea to include your phone number when making a job inquiry.2018-06-01T15:23:38+00:00

Recruiting emails going to SPAM


Whether searching for a job, or a perfect candidate I strongly suggest periodically checking your SPAM box. I can't tell you how many times critical communication has been delayed, or lost by legitimate emails being flagged as SPAM. This is especially critical when time is of the essence during the recruitment process.

Recruiting emails going to SPAM2018-06-01T15:25:36+00:00

Working with a recruiter versus contacting employer directly


Sometimes it seems that contacting the employer directly would be a better way to find a job than working through a recruiter. While that seems to make sense, using a recruiter can be beneficial because the recruiter communicates with the employer and the candidate who might share a concern, or a circumstance that might never [...]

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Communicating effectively with a recruiter


Recruiters realize you are looking at other jobs, getting other job offers, or you may not really be interested in the job shown by the recruiter. Communicating these things is usually the best so the recruiter will know the reality of the situation. If you share, guardedly of course, that you are interviewing elsewhere, or [...]

Communicating effectively with a recruiter2018-06-01T15:28:14+00:00
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