Recruiters realize you are looking at other jobs, getting other job offers, or you may not really be interested in the job shown by the recruiter. Communicating these things is usually the best so the recruiter will know the reality of the situation. If you share, guardedly of course, that you are interviewing elsewhere, or not interested, or waiting on another offer before you commit one way or another, then the recruiter can understand your delay, and work with it to keep the door open, expedite you getting an offer from the job presented by the recruiter, or move on. Not replying, or responding usually doesn’t work well and it becomes frustrating for everyone, and it often drives the recruiter to be more aggressive in trying to reach you instead of laying low and giving you space to reflect on the offers, or jobs. Recruiters know and understand rejection, so it is better to share the true picture, than try to be nice. Sure, we may try to overcome your objection which can help you make an informed decision even if you end up taking another job. So please do yourself, and everyone else in the process a favor by communicating rather than avoiding, or ignoring. At Med Staff Matters we move on to other things if you do not have a need for us anymore, but we would certainly prefer to be helping you get the job that is tops on your list.